Commercial Ice Machines

At Restaurant & Kitchen Service, Ice Machines are our game.

We service and install all major brands of ice machine. We can match you to an ice machine to fit you specific need and walk with you through a turn key installation.

Commercial Ice can sometimes be one of the most frustrating repairs in a kitchen, with long lead times on parts to incomplete diagnosis and not getting the job done right the first time. At RKSerivce, we invest heavily every year in sending our service technicians to all major service schools, keeping up to date with every problem imaginable on your equipment. This helps us get it right on the first call.

Is your ice machine not performing like new? A good cleaning can solve this problem 99% of the time. Scale build up, mold and mildew can seriously slow your ice production. Let us come out and take a look, our Factory Trained technicians can clean and sanitize your machine from top to bottom, and bring it back to life.

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